At Powders & Hazel everything is about slow and sustainable living and especially enjoying the little things.

The handmade collection consists of minimalist items made from environmentally friendly and sustainable materials, produced locally in collaboration with a social workshop.

The collection exist of:

  1. Frames and card holders made from recycled PET (looks like felt)
  2. Matching stationery products in neutral, timeless colors where slow living is central
  3. Fabrics and sustainable garlands dyed with natural pigments (e.g. coffee, walnut and plants)
  4. Hangers made from handmade recycled paper

Are you interested in a collaboration or do you want to become a sales point for Powders&Hazel?

The wholesale shop is only accessible to shops and companies that purchase Powders and Hazel products. An account is required for this. You can request an account via the registration form. After approval of your application, you can start shopping immediately.

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